January 2019

Effort Grade Assembly

31st January 2019

School is no different to ordinary day to day life. We all work best and feel happiest when we get praise. It doesn’t really matter what we do, but when…

Magic Wands

29th January 2019

What could be more magical than a wand? Some wands are made from crystal, some from metal but at Lockers Park we make them from wood. Each type of wood…

Electrifying Science

25th January 2019

There was no let up in the Science department this morning, class after class, all doing practical tasks. In the Senior Lab Mr Iqbal was teaching Year 6 about Light….

Talk on Mental Health in Children and Young People

24th January 2019

Save the Date – Monday 4th March – 7.00-8.30pm An inspiring talk on the subject of Children’s Mental Health by Mr Dick Moore Mental health problems affect about 1 in 10 children…

Pre-Prep Friendship Assembly

23rd January 2019

What makes a friend? This was just one of the areas covered in the Pre-Prep’s Friendship Assembly today. We think it’s really important to talk to our pupils about how…

Activities – Photography

23rd January 2019

Each week the pupils in the Prep School spend one day doing activities rather than games. One group is learning how to take better photos. Each week they are given…

Music Scholar assembly

22nd January 2019

Each year we have a number of pupils who take scholarships. Next week Sergey is off to Oundle, where he hopes to impress them with his musical ability. He certainly…


22nd January 2019

Ninja are very special people who really use all of their senses and that is what our Year 1 & 2 pupils tried to do this morning. As a warm…

The Dark Tower

19th January 2019

Dark Tower. What on earth is it and why to the boys get so excited? In brief, it is a wide game held in the school grounds in the dark,…

5 Stars for the Lockers Park Catering Team

18th January 2019

We are delighted to announce that, after a thorough inspection yesterday, our wonderful Catering Department has successfully retained their Food Hygiene rating at the highest level of 5.  The Catering…