Posted: 14th June 2019

Wet. Cold. Muddy. The three words I was given by one boy when I asked him what the week had been like. Another said that Bushcraft wasn’t for him – he had particular issues with the hygiene. For some reason he didn’t like bathing in the lake! Many of the other boys really enjoyed the experience – in fact Alex is off camping with the Scouts this weekend at Phasels Wood. As ever on a week like this, the boys will have experienced things they have never experienced before. “Blackout” where they are blindfolded is a case in point. Not being able to see is normal everyday life for many people – it feels very different when it is you! The boys also caught and prepared their own food – crayfish from the stream. They prepared salmon and rabbit – gutting and skinning them. They also had a great deal of fun! Thank you Mr Phillips, Mr Phillips and Mr Garforth for taking the boys.