Nature and the Environment

Posted: 26th September 2019

This term I’m lucky enough to teach the pre-Prep pupils once a week. We are looking at “Nature and the Environment”. My first session was exploring the school grounds with the pupils and it really opened my eyes to how lucky we are at Lockers Park. Starting at the new building we saw evidence of some of the animals that live in our grounds – fox and muntjac deer prints in the soil. Moving on our group discovered a small hill in the shrubs which they enjoyed clambering down. Moving onwards some natural clay led to some impromptu art. We also have some rather old trees – we just managed to stretch our hands around a redwood trunk. I always like food, so a stop outside the Headmaster’s house led to some blackberries, after which we raided the Deputy Head’s garden for some apples. We also saw several different birds, the odd squirrel and more evidence that we live and work in a fantastic environment. I can’t wait until next week!