Our Boarding Pathway

Posted: 21st October 2021

To begin a new era in the Boarding House, we would like to introduce to you a new initiative- our Boarding Pathway. This pathway has been created to ensure that we are providing our boarders with key skills that they will need before moving onto senior schools.

Each pupil in the Prep School has their own Boarding Passport. On each Boarding Passport, there are 7 targets which are specific to the pupil’s year group. In Years 3 & 4, our aim is for the pupils to engage with boarding on the whole. In Years 5 & 6, the targets have been chosen to help the boys develop their independence. In Years 7 & 8, the boys will be encouraged to secure their skills. Every pupil who successfully achieves their 7 targets by the end of the school year will be invited to our unique ‘Boarding Bonanza’ event… miss it, miss out!

Boarding Rewards

Alongside this, we have developed a new reward system within the Boarding House. In place of the old ‘Green Dot’, is now a ‘Boarding Star’. Boarding Stars will be awarded for small achievements within the Boarding House. For every five Boarding Stars, a prize may be chosen from our Boarding Prize Box.

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, please email us at: boarding@lockerspark.co.uk

Mr & Mrs Newman, Boarding Houseparents