Parent Insight: “Helping boys to be boys while guiding their educational journey”

Posted: 7th December 2023

When you see our current Head Boy confidently addressing the whole school, it seems very natural but according to his parents he wasn’t always this way.

When the family relocated to the UK, three separate sets of friends each gave a strong recommendation to go to Lockers Park.  In fact, the family didn’t see the school before they moved from the States, but having seen the video on a day in the life of a Lockers boy their son was adamant he wanted to go there.

Having moved around the globe several times they were keen that the school would be flexible and accommodating as their son settled in, which they did; proving the school really is small enough to care. Mr Taylor and Mrs Corrigan had taken time to make sure he was adjusting to the new environment.

Since joining they have seen their son develop; he has always been disciplined with a positive outlook but Lockers Park has helped him mature, growing in independence.  He enjoys boarding even when there’s not a boarding event – thanks to the activities Mr and Mrs Newman – the Boarding Parents, organise.  He has also grown in self-belief, in Year 7 he decided he wanted to be Head Boy so he set about making a plan that included asking other Head Boys how they had achieved this.

When talking about the favourite things at Lockers Park, the shrubs and boarding events are amongst the top.  Teachers are also important and Mr French Phillips humour, Mrs Corrigan’s organisational skills in English and Mr Hobson’s history stories are recalled.  Mr Dawes and the pastoral care are often mentioned particularly when there are decisions around senior schools.  They take the time to help you find the right school for your son and then work with them to prepare for the interviews and exams.

Lockers Park really is a home from home; it is a very welcoming school that helps boys to be boys.

There’s wrap-around care from 7.30am to 7pm, with breakfast, lunch and supper always available so they never have to worry about him.

As parents they have their own memories of their son growing up at Lockers Park, but they’re not the only ones.  Lockers Park has magical memories for their son as well; he’s already decided that when he has a son that he’ll be going to Lockers Park.  It really does seem that once a Lockers boy, always a Lockers boy – you can’t get a better commendation than that.