A Long Proud History

“This highly regarded boys’ prep strikes the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.”
Tatler School Guide

Founded in 1874 by Henry Montagu Draper, Lockers Park is one of the earliest purpose-built prep schools, expressly created as a foundation school preparing boys for Rugby School, where Draper himself was educated.

Lockers Park soon established itself as one of the top prep schools, sending boys on to Eton, Harrow and Winchester as well as Rugby and Haileybury. This is a tradition and honour we are proud to maintain.

Our school is built on 23 acres of parkland surrounding a significant Georgian house called The Lockers, which still exists. Draper purchased the land and built Lockers Park when the owners of The Lockers fell on hard times. In the following years, Lockers Park’s reputation thrived. We have a distinguished list of Old Boys, including Lord Louis Mountbatten and His Highness Prince Maurice Battenberg.

We uphold many traditions that Draper initiated back in the early years at Lockers Park. For instance, boys are in ‘Sets’ rather than houses, with the names of famous army and navy captains of the time: Beatty, Haig, Jellicoe, Kitchener, Mountbatten and Roberts.

A History of Lockers Park School by Ruth Barden

Upon her retirement as a teacher at Lockers Park, Ruth Barden spent many hours cataloguing and preserving the school archives. Her research led to the publication of her book, A History of Lockers Park School.

This book gives an insight into life at Lockers Park over the 125 years from 1874 – 1999. It includes tales of famous and notorious old boys, Headmasters and staff, and the problems of arranging travel home during the Great War.

Anyone who has connections with Lockers Park will find this a fascinating story.

Copies are available to purchase from the school office.