• Building camaraderie and long-lasting friendships
  • A programme of fun events and activities catering for all tastes
  • Bright and welcoming boarding accommodation
  • Full-time academic support
  • A highly-regarded team of staff dedicated to making the boys happy
  • A small, family community where everyone counts.
“The happiness of the boys is paramount.”
Tatler School Guide

Founded as a boarding prep school, we are proud of our approach to boarding and believe it is one of the school’s strengths. A child’s boarding journey at Lockers Park is designed to prepare them to be independent and honourable members of an active community. This important introduction to boarding allows the boys to learn to live and work together while fully enjoying their childhood.

Boarding at Lockers Park is perfect preparation for senior boarding schools. For boys moving onto senior day schools, we also believe that Lockers Park offers a unique and wonderful opportunity to benefit and learn from this special experience. Friendships forged in the boarding house frequently last a lifetime.

“Lockers Park gives a well-rounded education that allows time for extra-curricular pursuits – both formal (music, art, drama, sport) and informal (time in the shrubs!).”
Parent Testimonial
“Boarders at the school are happy and confident individuals. The school provides good care for its boarding pupils and nurtures their personal development well.”
Ofsted Boarding Inspection

Boarding life is fun and attractive to pupils, and we often find it is the boys themselves who ask to board. Boarding teaches respect and the value of community, while in-house camaraderie breeds crucial skills for future educational and working life and is, apart from anything else, great fun.

One of the key benefits of boarding is that children are able to make good and focussed use of their after-school time. Boarders complete their academic work and music practice in quiet and supervised settings, and then have time to enjoy activities, developing strong relationships with friends and relaxing in a homely setting.

We have a dedicated team of staff with endless good humour and energy, providing a family environment where everyone counts. Added to this, theme nights and weekend trips ensure boarding life at Lockers Park is never dull.