“Our boys really enjoy the boarding experience and the chance to mix with boys outside of class.”
Parent Testimonial

Given the benefits of camaraderie, independence, dedicated prep time and access to afterschool clubs, flexi-boarding is a popular option for pupils in Year 3 to 8.

There is no pressure at all for boys to board. The magic of joining a boarding school is that all boys — including those who choose not to stay the night with us — benefit from our special boarding ethos, with the special community spirit and wraparound care it provides.

Many of our boys choose to board one or two nights a week to benefit from the social experience and the range of activities on offer. Some may have rehearsals or sports fixtures and prefer to stay at school on occasion, some simply fancy the chance to spend extra time with friends rather than be at home with a babysitter.

Flexi-boarding can offer the perfect groundwork needed to build towards and prepare for a weekly or full boarding senior school experience. For others, who plan to attend senior day schools, it is a unique opportunity to benefit from communal living.

Of course flexi-boarding can also be extremely helpful for busy parents when juggling a range of family and work commitments.

Our dedicated Houseparents, Mr and Mrs Newman, and Matron, Miss Harrison, provide a fun family environment where every boy counts.