Lockers Park
Prep School for Boys 4-13 Years, Day and Boarding
Boxmoor, Hertfordshire
Excellent results | Enthusiasm for life | A purposefully small school

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A glimpse into Lockers Park

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Parent testimonials

“Our child is happy, confident and has a real sense of belonging. Every teacher is approachable, positive and encouraging. We could ask for nothing more.”
“It has just been so amazingly obvious how good the school is and how close everything within the school, (pupils to one another, teachers to pupils and everyone to parents), that we are so glad we found Lockers Park.”
“The school gives a well-rounded education that allows time for extra-curricular pursuits – both formal (music, art, drama, sport) and informal (time in the shrubs!).”
“The wraparound care provision is fantastic. We both commute to London and it relieves any unwanted stress. It really has made a huge difference.”

Welcome to Lockers Park

We’re a purposefully small school, so that our boys achieve excellent results alongside an enthusiasm for life. We’re proud of our pupils’ academic success and the abundant opportunities they enjoy.

Nestled in 23 acres of Hertfordshire woodland in Boxmoor, with Berkhamsted, St Albans and Harpenden close by and London only a 30-minute train ride away, we welcome boys aged 4 to 13 years.

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, and there’s no substitute for seeing a school for yourself. As such, I hope you can join our Open Morning on 19 March, to see for yourself what makes our school so special, and to tell us about your son and what matters to you when considering his education.

Your Open Morning tour and visit will take approximately one hour, and you are welcome to bring your son.

Please book your spot here.

Warmest wishes,

Gavin Taylor, Headmaster.


How do pupils perform academically?

“Pupils aspire to high achievement as a result of a culture where success is respected and celebrated.” The Independent Schools Inspectorate.

We encourage the best from every child and our highly regarded teaching team provides all the academic and emotional support growing boys need.

We have a well-respected Year 6-8 Senior School Preparation Programme to prime boys for scholarship, Common Entrance and entry exams to move on to some of the country’s leading public and independent schools. Our exemplary track record sees leavers typically progress to their first choice of senior school, including the likes of Bedford School, Berkhamsted School, Eton College, Harrow School and St Albans School.

See Destination Schools and Scholarship success for more detail.

Which destination schools do you feed into?

“Pupils are notably successful at the point of transfer to the senior school of their choice against strong competition.” The Independent Schools Inspectorate – 2017

We prepare boys for the country’s top independent and public senior schools, many with scholarships.

Our excellent academic record sees many pupils move on to the country’s leading public and independent senior schools including Bedford School, Berkhamsted School, Eton College, Harrow School and St Albans School.

See Destination Schools and Scholarship success for more detail.

How big are your classes?

“The school has a lovely family feel – a real sense of community.” Parent testimonial

One of our key points of difference versus other local private schools is our class sizes. We have small class sizes in every year group, with a maximum of 16 pupils per class and a pupil to staff ratio of 8:1.

We are proud to be a small school; small enough for all adults and children to know each other. Our small class sizes ensure each child receives a high level of attention throughout their Lockers Park academic career, with every pupil treated as an individual.

Can my son flexi-board?

Of course!

Many of our boys choose to board one or two nights a week to benefit from the social experience and the range of activities on offer. Some may have rehearsals or sports fixtures and prefer to stay at school on occasion, some simply fancy the chance to spend extra time with friends rather than be at home with a babysitter.

Flexi-boarding can offer the perfect groundwork needed to build towards and prepare for a weekly or full boarding senior school experience. For others, who plan to attend senior day schools, it is a unique opportunity to benefit from communal living.

Flexi-boarding can also be extremely helpful for busy parents when juggling a range of family and work commitments.

Our dedicated Houseparents, Mr and Mrs Newman, and Matron, Miss Harrison, provide a fun family environment where every boy counts.

What wraparound provision do you offer?

“Lockers Park’s wraparound care provision is a key strength that differentiates it from other fee-paying schools in the area. It is perfect for our family.” Parent testimonial

“My husband and I work long hours with no family nearby. To be able to bring our son to school for breakfast at 7.30am and to be able to collect him at 7.30pm after supper is invaluable to us.” Parent testimonial

We are proud of our unique position on wraparound care, which we believe offers the best value and the most support to families in the area.

Day boys (Year 3 and above) may be dropped off from 7.30am for a cooked breakfast. They are welcome to stay for prep and supper with final collections by 7.30pm.

Pre-Prep children (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) may be dropped off from 7.30am for breakfast, with collection anytime until 6.00pm. We offer supper and many extra-curricular activities such as small world (imaginative) play, board games and arts and crafts.

Our wraparound care creates a real sense of community as the school is always bustling and lively, while supervised prep helps the older boys prepare for senior school and develop independent learning skills. We find that friendships and social skills are enhanced in the hours outside of the curriculum. Above all, the offering provides flexible and stress-free support to our families, with a simple fee structure that includes no hidden costs (see Fees section).

What extra-curricular activities do you offer?

“Pupils display good knowledge, skills and understanding in many subjects across the curriculum, ranging from science and linguistic to artistic and physical activities.” The Independent Schools Inspectorate – 2017.

“There is a great balance between the academic side and extra-curricular activities. We have found the music and language teaching to be excellent.” Parent testimonial

“The school gives a well-rounded education that allows time for extra-curricular pursuits – both formal (music, art, drama, sport) and informal (time in the shrubs!).” Parent testimonial

We encourage pupils to participate in a broad range of extra-curricular activities to enrich their school life; a breadth of opportunity from music and sport through to drama and science, Latin and computing, is placed at each boy’s fingertips, waiting to be discovered. For those pupils staying until 7.30pm, we offer games and activities, our very own Cubs pack and Scouts troop, Ski Club, visiting lecturers , themed events and, once a year, the legendary Dark Tower game.

Parents comment that Lockers Park is like a miniature version of the top senior Independent schools.

Pre-Prep children are encouraged to participate in a selection of after school activities, comprising sport, cookery, science, and other specialist clubs. We change activities on a half-termly basis so that children can try out a range of different pursuits. As well as building skills within a specific discipline, we believe broadening children’s interests can help them further develop self-confidence and self-esteem as well as reinforce social and communication skills.

What are your tuition fees?

Our unique prep school wraparound care and pre-prep wraparound care offer fantastic value; the below is included in our tuition fees, at no additional cost.

  • Prep school: 7.30am – 6.40pm. This includes supper, prep at school and early evening activities.
  • Pre-Prep: 7.30am – 6.00pm (collection can be any time between 3.45 and 6.00pm). This includes supper and a wide range of after school activities.

Our fees also include attendance at our optional Saturday School programme.

Tuition Fees

Year Group Year Group Tuition Fees per Term (All fees include wraparound care)
Reception £3,835
Years 1 & 2 £4,040
Year 3 Day Boys £4,825
Year 4 Day Boys £5,245
Senior Day Boys £6,085
Boarders £8,775

For more details, visit our Fees page.

What are the benefits of a boys-only education?

“Lockers Park understands boys and how to raise well-rounded, happy individuals.” Parent testimonial.

We are a school that really understands the needs of boys, blending kinaesthetic teaching with a well-apportioned school day and structured sport every day.

Whilst our Pre-Prep and Prep School share the same ethos, the Prep School remains true to its 145-year roots, offering a boys-only education. Research shows that boys and girls learn in different ways. Prep School pupils enjoy a tailored curriculum designed to accommodate boys’ different learning styles, employing visual and auditory classroom techniques.

Children taught in single-sex settings have also been found to be more relaxed within their peer group. The tangible warmth and strong community feel at Lockers Park is testament to our approach and frequently commented on by visitors to the school.