Academic Excellence

At Lockers Park we know that allowing boys to be themselves, comfortable and happy within their school environment, encourages them to gain confidence and flourish academically. That’s why we keep our class sizes purposefully small, to nurture our boys’ talents allowing individualised, focused attention to ensure every boy becomes a confident learner.

Critical to our success is developing the boys’ metacognition (learning to learn), giving them the tools to make the most of their education and take forward onto the next part of their education.

We employ a variety of experiential, visual and auditory teaching techniques that are specifically designed to engage and motivate boys. Visit our classrooms and you will find a palpable buzz of activity with boys asking questions and chatting animatedly.

For Years 3 and 4, the Form Tutor is also their subject teacher for core subjects, supported by a team of specialist teachers and a teaching assistant. Moving up to Years 5 and above, our boys are taught by subject specialists, giving them a more mature school experience that offers pupils greater autonomy and begins to prepare them for the next chapter in their educational journey. All boys, except for those applying for Scholarships, are expected to sit the Common Entrance at the end of Year 8.

Our boys are regularly assessed and monitored throughout their Lockers Park career to ensure they are making good progress. We update you frequently on your son’s development through Parents’ Reception Evenings and regular reports.

We thoroughly prepare our pupils for all upcoming examinations as we know perfect preparation often equates to perfect performance. For instance, Year 5 pupils will begin working on the ICB pre-test to ensure they are well-versed on exam techniques and consolidation of knowledge when it comes to sitting the test in Year 6. Very important to Lockers Park staff however, is a determination to ensure that academic excellence is held as a healthy goal, in concert with a balanced approach to a rich wider school life.

Gifted & Talented

Class and specialist teachers help identify those Lockers Park boys with exceptional ability in a particular subject area or across a range of subjects.

These pupils will be challenged to go beyond their comfort zone with extra bespoke sessions and Saturday School extension lessons, for example, in Maths and English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning plus senior school interview practice too, guiding them to be the very best they can be. This tailored programme helps hone and expand pupils’ lateral thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as supports scholarship applications.