Learning Enrichment

We understand that different pupils have different educational and behavioural needs, requiring different learning strategies. We know that one size does not fit all. Each and every pupil is encouraged to achieve their full potential and feel confident and included within the school community.

Our inclusive ethos ensures the learning enrichment needs of each and every child are identified, regularly assessed and provided for. Our dedicated Learning Enrichment Area is easily accessed right in the heart of the main school building.

Gifted & Talented Pupils

We’re committed to developing pupils’ metacognition – learning to learn – and equip our gifted pupils with the skills they need to excel in scholarship exams as well as the academic challenges of senior school life. These pupils are encouraged to go beyond their comfort zone with tailored programmes offering extra sessions and Saturday School extension lessons (including Greek, Philosophy & Ethics plus Maths and English extension workshops). Our teachers work together and meet regularly to identify those boys with particular strengths, a process that is overseen by the Director of Studies.

Extra Learning Needs

Admissions assessments provide starting points for the development of an appropriate curriculum for each pupil. If our assessments show a child may have an extra learning need, we employ a range of tactics to support them, for example, tailored one-to-one support with specialist teachers.

All our boys are valued members of the school community. Everyone’s voice is heard.