Pastoral Care

“My son joined Lockers Park after being at a larger school. Thank you for giving me back my boy. Lockers Park is a slice of magic."
Parent Testimonial
“The school has a nurturing, supportive approach that gives children the ability to flourish.”
Parent Testimonial
“As well as maintaining high academic standards, Lockers Park has placed an important emphasis on mental health and wellbeing. Lockers Park seems light years ahead in its recognition of the importance of pastoral care.”
Parent Testimonial
“Our child is happy, confident and has a real sense of belonging and security. Every single teacher is approachable, positive and encouraging. We could ask for nothing more.”
Parent Testimonial

Celebrating the Individual

The happiness and wellbeing of our boys is at the very heart of a Lockers Park education. In fact, we’re a finalist for the Best Independent Boys School in the Independent Schools of the Year awards 2022.

As a purposefully small school, we know each of our pupils not only by name, we know them by personality and learning style too.

Our class tutors make form time all about the children. Our older boys take meditation sessions, and our younger boys make ‘worry monsters’. In Science, we look at how the body feels emotions, in English, we learn how to write empathetically, in PE we make time for Yoga and Pilates, and in Critical Thinking, we promote growth mindset discussions. We often take the classroom outdoors, benefitting from our beautiful grounds. We give extra support to those who need it via our School Counsellor. We embrace Chapel, championing stories of positivity.

Do you remember that feeling as a child when you received an award? The new pristine shiny badge or certificate that made you feel so proud? At Lockers Park we award Green Slips to our pupils for acts of kindness, helpfulness and thoughtfulness, and when a boy receives five Green Slips in a term, he is commended in an assembly.