Chapel – visiting speaker

Posted: 14th January 2019

Our Chapel is very important part of the school with the pupils attending Chapel 5 days a week. We think it is vital that our pupils learn more about other faiths. Today we were very lucky that Mrs Khan, one of our parents, came in to talk about her Muslim faith. She spoke about how in the Muslim faith looking after your neighbour is very important, just as it is in the Christian faith. To illustrate this, she told a story from the Koran about the Prophet and a glass of milk. The Prophet asked the person he was visiting to invite all the neighbours in and offer them milk – the only problem was there was only one glass of milk. When they all came in they were offered the milk and they all drank as much as they wanted to. The moral of the story was that if you share and help your neighbours whenever you can it will build a strong community. Thank you very much Mrs Khan for coming in and talking about your faith.