Prep Wraparound Care

“My husband and I work long hours with no family nearby. To be able to bring our son to school for breakfast at 7.30am and to be able to collect him at 7.30pm after supper is invaluable to us.”
Parent Testimonial

When your son joins Lockers Park, he joins a vibrant, inclusive school community with a thriving wider life. We want your son to participate in all that we have to offer and our unique Wraparound Care is structured accordingly.

This means you can drop your son off as early as 7:30am for breakfast and collect him after supper, up until 7:30pm. The cost for this is already included within the termly fees: there are no hidden extras and there’s no need to pre-book (we simply ask that you let us know collection time on the day).

There is an abundance of after school activities for your son to get stuck into as well as the opportunity to complete Prep (homework) and let off steam in the school ground with friends. We also find that sharing mealtimes provides an excellent opportunity to socialise and interact with each other (and our teachers eat with the boys too, getting to know exactly what makes them tick).

We believe our unique approach creates a real sense of community at Lockers Park. In addition, we recognise that it is extremely valuable to our busy working families.