Magic Wands

Posted: 29th January 2019

What could be more magical than a wand? Some wands are made from crystal, some from metal but at Lockers Park we make them from wood. Each type of wood has it’s own symbolism – silver birch represents new beginnings, the oak is a symbol of strength, endurance and courage, the yew represents death and rebirth and the elder protects against witchcraft. We started today’s Nature and the Environment lesson by talking about the various trees and how to identify them, then the children had to go and find a suitable wand – not too long or too short, not too thick or too thin. Once found, they then wrapped wool around their wand before adding some precious found objects to it. Then it was spell time – what wands are made for. Each spell was a friendship spell, reinforcing last week’s Friendship Assembly and there were some great ones. Fingers crossed they all work!