Lockers Park in the Snow

Posted: 1st February 2019

We are a hardy lot at Lockers Park and very little stops us. A few centimetres of snow just means that we have to adapt a little. The drive was being cleared at 6.45am ready for the pupils to arrive. Those who boarded last night had a fantastic cooked breakfast and as more pupils arrived it became clear we were going to have a relatively normal day. Chapel at 8.45 and then into lessons – proper lessons. Fun was had at break time which we made slightly longer so that snowmen could be built and snowballs thrown, and of course, the odd snow angel. After lunch there was a reading period and games in the Sports Hall. The only real concession we’ve made to the weather is that we have cancelled preps tonight and also a play rehearsal. We’ve brought collection time slightly forward, but as all Lockers Park parents know, if they can’t make the earlier time their children will be well looked after until they arrive. If there is a real problem they can stay for the night. The beauty of being a boarding school!