Boarders Visit Tring Museum

Posted: 10th February 2019



We were a little light on Boarders this weekend as so many had been invited out to stay with friends. Those that were left went with Mrs Pizzey to Tring Museum. If you like animals this is the place to go as you can get up REALLY close to them. Walter Rothschild is responsible for the amazing collection of animals, all of which are stuffed or preserved. We would be horrified if anyone were to start a similar collection today, in fact it would be illegal. What it does do though, is give the opportunity to get really close to animals and this is what the Boarders did, making use of their sketch books. To round the day off they enjoyed a Chinese take away. Many thanks to Mrs Pizzey for taking the trip. If you want to know more about Tring Museum, part of The National History Museum, follow this link: