Circle the Circle

Posted: 12th March 2019

One of the things you learn as a teacher is that you need to be adaptable. With the wind howling and the rain pouring many would decide it was too wet for Nature & the Environment. Instead we went out to appreciate the weather. Arms out-stretched the pupils tried to take off in the wind – then they put their faces to the sky to appreciate the rain. With this done it was time for a bit of team building – passing a hoopla around the circle without letting it drop on the ground. We started in a small group before moving onto a larger circle where the challenge was extended. To finish the lesson, as the rain dripped down our necks, we went searching for signs of spring. We spotted some catkins and some daffodils and those who were more observant also saw the first signs of nest building. The weather should be appreciated no matter what it does and we really try to encourage this at Lockers Park.