Science week – Beach Bags

Posted: 13th March 2019

Our second day of Science Week saw pupils tackling a global problem. What do we do with the millions of t-shirts bought and discarded? The fashion industry has recently been criticised for it’s contribution to global warming as throw away fashion has become the rule rather than the exception and t-shirts are a major contributor. Sitting in the office Mrs Ashburner and Mr Iqbal had a brainwave – turn the t-shirts into beach bags. All you do is cut off the arms, widen the neck, cut a few slashes into the bottom of the t-shirt, knot these together and hey presto – a beach bag! Actually it was a little harder than this, but the pupils had great fun and have produced some fantastic bags for the beach and we have reduced the amount of garments being sent to land fill. Practical Science in action!