Goodbye and Thank You to a Wonderful Headmaster

Posted: 7th July 2021

By the Chair of Governors, Chris Lister.

Lockers Park is an extraordinary school filled with inspirational staff who through their magical thoughts, conduct and actions support our pupils onto their destination schools via a journey of learning, discovery and growth. The essence of Lockers Park is to make that journey full of enrichment. Lockers Park has a strong culture rooted in good spirit, camaraderie, good manners and fellowship which is combined with hard work, duty, discipline and above all fun. I also admire the success that the staff have on the teaching of ‘learning how to learn’. Is it any wonder that pupils prosper at Lockers Park, where they excel at learning?

It is possible to meet successful people in all walks of life who are at the top of their professions because that has been their raison d’être. Then there are those that serve others tirelessly, not seeking personal triumph or gain. They inspire and their pleasure is in seeing others exceeding expectations. These are the champions we have in abundance at Lockers Park and Chris has been one of best.

Chris Wilson has led the management team and the school into its current era of wellbeing and excellence for almost nine years. As a custodian of the culture, he brought out the heart and soul of our school in a world where it is necessary to advocate for the benefits and achievements of an adventurous, forward thinking, boys only, boarding experience. Chris’ success is that he led the team with steadfastness, dedication and the polish of his considerable ambassadorial skills. He is an articulate, thoughtful man of stature,

Chris likes to guide others in doing the right things knowing that this leads to excellent results. And with this team he has created an atmosphere where happy children are motivated to achieve outstanding results in academic, sport, arts and musical attainment. I believe his strength lies in leading calmly, applying rigour and good order with kindness. Chris is an educationalist who clearly loves children, loves teaching and who wants all pupils to do well; I have often observed his immense warmth and compassion when he meets the boys.

During Chris’ tenure he made many changes from leading the opening of the Pre-Prep, to the introduction of Critical Thinking and the new approach to Saturday school to name a few. He has pursued excellence not least reflected in the exemplary record on health and safety, pastoral care and support and the many large and small changes to the facilities, continuing to improve the appearance and feel of the school. Along with his team, Chris’ navigation of the inevitable highs and lows of change and progress has been magnificent. We commend his devotion to the pursuit of continued professional development for all the staff. It is of note that with the support of Governors, Chris is able to hand the reins with confidence to his own very capable Deputy, Gavin Taylor – the Governors’ first choice for succession.

So, to conclude, I want to thank Chris for ensuring that Lockers Park is on the map of top preparatory schools. He believes most firmly that our school punches well above its weight among the top echelons of boarding prep schools. His legacy is the stability his tenure has brought and measures of success are evident in outstanding places our boys attain to their choices of senior school.

You don’t need to take my words for how Chris feels about Lockers Park, our fabulous school. Chris said he has loved his time here and that he will retain fond memories and a firm bond of professional and personal relationships. As the Wilson family turns the page onto a new chapter, we give thanks for their accomplishments at Lockers Park and we wish Chris, Hayley, Amelia, Florence and Bella the very best of times in Norfolk as they move on.

For Lockers Park the journey continues. We continue to build on our strengths and will reveal elements of the new chapter for Lockers Park, sharing more news on the team and new plans. So much to add to the exciting adventures our boys can expect from September…

Chris Lister, Chair of Governors