Hampton Court

Posted: 20th March 2019

Yr8 Set 1 History visited Hampton Court, where they were shown round by an extremely knowledgeable Mr Moubray. He told them all about the palace and how it had changed over the years and gave lots of interesting information about the history that had been created there, particularly that of Henry VIII and his many wives! Mr Erskine-Naylor spoke to a Hampton Court guide who commented that the boys were “very smart and extremely well behaved,” then asked, “Where are you from?” He followed that with the comment of the day, “And it’s so nice to see a teacher who is more intelligent than his pupils. It’s increasingly rare. We had a teacher here this morning who told his class that Henry was 5’2” and French.”

If you would like to find out more about Hampton Court (easy driving distance from Lockers Park) follow the link: