A7B Weather Assembly

Posted: 26th March 2019

Last Saturday, the 23rd March was World Meteorological Day, when we think about and celebrate the endlessly fascinating subject of the weather. We have seen this term how the weather can affect our lives. It can lead to the cancellation of fixtures if pitches are frozen. Snow can create a winter wonderland, but also makes it trickier to get to and from school. Sailors, farmers and others whose livelihood depends on the weather learned long ago that the world around them gave valuable clues to the conditions to come. Did you know that the pine cone is one of the most reliable of all weather indicators? In dry weather, the scales on a pine cone open out; when they close up, this is often a sign that rain is on the way. These were just a few of the very interesting weather facts that A7B shared with us. Thank you Mr Bowker for organising the assembly.