Ski Trip

Posted: 6th April 2019

Thursday 29th March: It has been a busy day for our Ski trip party. To start their day they had to race around the sponsored walk route and be back at school for 12.00 to board their bus. They have now gone through security at Dover and should be halfway across The Channel. Once they land they will set off to Fiesch in Switzerland ( ) where they are based for the next week. I have no doubt that they will sleep well on the coach! We hope to keep you updated on a daily basis about their skiing.

Friday 30th March: After a long journey, breakfast in Switzerland. They are now in Fiesch, booking into their hotel. The weather is good, the rain has turned to drizzle – but there is no snow.

Saturday 31st March: After recovering from the journey and getting kitted out with equipment yesterday, everyone was hoping for snow today. They were not disappointed – 18 inches of it! There was so much snow that everyone found conditions on the slopes a little challenging. After lunch on the slopes, joined by one or two Lockers Park parents, an afternoon of skiing has just been completed and the boys are heading off to the swimming pool. The good news is that the forecast for Sunday is better and sun is predicted on Monday.

Sunday 1st April: The weather conditions were much better today and the boys have relished their skiing. They managed an Easter egg hunt this morning. All are safe, off the slopes, and are enjoying an evening of bowling.

Monday 2nd April: Today is going to probably be the best day of the trip – lots of sun and very little in the way of new snow. The temperature is going to be a maximum 9 degrees and a minimum of 2 degrees. The boys are all really enjoying their time on the snow and learning lots of new techniques from their instructors. They’ve also been venturing further afield. Mr Iqbal has been trying to set the standard – a double back flip while falling off his snowboard! Luckily he wasn’t too badly injured, but has resorted to painkillers. This evening everyone will be swimming in the pool – probably very good for all those aches and pains.

Tuesday 3rd April: It’s going to be cold today with some light snow predicted through the day. A good job that after some hard skiing the boys sit down for hot chocolate and “sweet” things. A trip like this isn’t only about skiing. It is also about getting on with others, personal organisation and so much more. One important thing is looking after your own things and improvising when things go wrong. Josh is a case in point. He “lost” his snood, so came up with an alternative as only he could.

Wednesday 4th April: It looks like it is going to be another nice day on the slopes with a good amount of snow falling this evening. Yesterday the boys spent time learning new techniques and then in the afternoon explored further afield. They also managed a slalom run which was great fun. Today they will continue to improve their technique and Mr Iqbal is hopeful they will move onto the half pipe. Good luck – rather you than me! Skiing is rapidly coming to a close. No real drama for the Lockers Park boys apart from Toraab and Eesa dropping their ski poles while on the ski lift. Luckily no one was underneath! The half pipe was attempted and one or two tried their hand at snowboarding, spending rather a long time lying or sitting on the snow. Prize giving takes place tonight, along with the big pack up – tono wonder they all made the most of their hot chocolates.

Thursday 5th April: The Prize Giving went well last night with all of the boys being presented with certificates, after which it was the big tidy up and pack up. Looking at Switzerland on a map you would think that it was very close. Comparing it to many countries it is, but it is still an 18 hour journey by coach. Later today everyone will board the coach and head back to the UK. They are due back at Lockers Park tomorrow. Trips like this would not be possible without a dedicated team of adults. Very many thanks to Mr Harries for leading the trip and to Mr Iqbal, Mr Sharpe and Mr Phipps for not only giving up a week of their holiday but for looking after the boys so well.