How clean are you?

Posted: 27th April 2019

Our Year 6 pupils are investigating microorganisms in science. Today they were trying to see how clean their bodies were. They took swabs from their armpits, toes and from their mouths and wiped these over some prepared agar plates. I’m certain that next week one or two will be staggered by what grows! They thought they were clean and you might think you are clean, but the reality is that we are all covered in bacteria. We also made some yoghurt. This is actually quite a long winded process where milk is heated (to kill any bacteria in it) before being allowed to cool. Finally a yoghurt starter is added. We’ll sample our yoghurt on Monday. As well as all of this practical work the pupils also used our iPads to find out independently more information about microorganisms. It was quite an action packed lesson!