Year 2 Prep School Transition Week

Posted: 26th June 2019

As part of the Year 2 Prep School transition week, the Year 2 children enjoyed an exciting day experiencing some of life in the Prep School on Tuesday. They joined Year 3 and 4 in the C shrubs at break time and took part in a reading period in the library. They then completed the ‘Passport to the Prep School’ challenge where they searched the Prep School for important areas, taking photos on the IPads to prove they managed to find them. Well done to Andrey, Jonathan and Nicholas who returned back to base in the quickest time having found all of the designated areas! Mr Doyle then took time to explain the Games board to the children and then they were treated to a tour of the Boarding House with Mr Erskine-Naylor. For the rest of the day, the children were excitedly discussing which nights they would like to board next year!