Swimming Gala

Posted: 1st July 2019

Our annual swimming gala incorporates both a Set and individual competition. For the Set competition the Set Leaders choose their teams. This gives them an opportunity to talk to members of their Set and find out which are the best swimmers. some did a brilliant job – others were less successful. Very well done to Harry, Sebastian and to Lucas who all broke records – Harry in the U13 butterfly, Sebastian in the U9 individual medley and to Lucas in the Pre Prep freestyle. In the individual events a special mention must go to Otto, Year 4, who so nearly beat the all of the Year 8s in the U13 butterfly – he came second, by a fingernail. Very well done to Beatty, the winning Set. In the Drummond Cup congratulations to The Parents who won this very competitive Staff/Parents/Boys race – but did they? (Look very carefully at the finishing photo and make up your own mind). Many thanks to all those staff who make this event possible.