Pre-Prep trip to London

Posted: 17th October 2019

Reception and Year 1 had a Dino-tastic day at the Natural History Museum. The children were amazed by the life-like T-rex and saw the most complete Stegosaurus fossil in the world. In the Super Stegosaurus workshop the children were looking at dinosaur replica fossils and constructed a ‘Stego-jigsaw-rus’ to learn how scientists piece together fossils they find. The children were so excited to discover Andy’s time travelling clock was actually in the museum and although we didn’t see him, we knew where he was… on another dinosaur time travelling adventure!

Year 2 visited the Science Museum to enhance their learning about space. They experienced an impressive multi-sensory trip to the moon in the 4D cinema, learnt about the life of an astronaut in a hands-on teaching session and were extremely excited to see Tim Peake’s spacecraft up close.

A wonderful day had by all!