Bedford Observatory and Planetarium Trip

Posted: 24th January 2020

With anticipation in our hearts and a spell of clear nights under our belts we set off to Bedford School Observatory. Sadly as we arrived at the boarding house, clouds had gathered, forming an impenetrable fluffy blanket! Luckily the 16 pupils from years 4 to 8 were still able to experience the stars! This was courtesy of a beautiful planetarium; the projections really have to be seen to be fully appreciated. The sky is projected in all its glory to show the changing sky throughout the seasons! Accompanied by such interesting observations and facts from Linton Guise, liberally punctuated by informed questions from the boys, especially the younger ones. This was followed by a demonstration from Phil of their huge, £20.000 telescope together with the revolving roof on the observatory. The evening was rounded off by returning to the boarding house where Henry had delivered the delicious pizzas and drinks which the boys tucked into with gusto! The minibus returned us to Lockers where we witnessed clear skies! C’est la vie! The boys were quickly dispatched to their dorms and dreams of starry skies!