Christmas is coming

Posted: 23rd November 2020

As a teacher you know it is coming towards the end of term because you are in the middle of report writing, but you really know it can’t be far away when you go into the Boys’ Hall and see the Christmas tree. Everyone who came into school yesterday, first stopped, then smiled and then did a variation on the theme of “Wow!”. John and Phil, our caretakers, have surpassed themselves this year. They’ve chosen a beautifully proportioned tree with some lovely cones & it fits perfectly, with about a 50cm space between the tree and the ceiling. The tree really signals the run down to the end of term. School exams for Years 6-8 this week, while the Junior part of the school concentrates on putting the play, “Let Loose” together. Next week it will be performed on Friday 9th & Saturday 10th December. The Christmas Fayre takes place on Saturday 10th and then we are into the final week of term. Where did it go?!