Beavers, Cubs and Scouts – Summer Term 2021

Posted: 7th July 2021

It was fantastic to get the boys back to face-to-face Scouting after a whole year of being on Zoom!

With the school bubbles still firmly in place we adapted our Scouting sections for the Summer Term into corresponding groups, with Year 3 (older Beavers) and Year 4 (younger Cubs) together in the early session, followed by Year 5 (older Cubs) with Year 6 (younger Scouts) and a further socially distanced group of Year 7 (older Scouts) later on. In true Scouting style we made the most of the time we had together, and have achieved great things.

The boys have learned new games, pioneering skills, firelighting, camp cooking, made woggles, map reading, and have had fun with scavenger hunts and wide games. In addition, they have earned many badges.

Some of our youngest members are waiting patiently until September to find out whether they have achieved the highest accolade for Beavers, the Chief Scout Bronze award!

Photos show:
Investiture: The older group learned square lashing and made trebuchets, then had a competition to see who could fire a missile the furthest. We invested our two new Leaders, Harry and Evie.

Woggle making: The older group decorated leather woggles to wear with their new scarves.

Camp cooking: The older group lit fires and made pizza wraps, tortillas topped with pizza sauce, cheese, ham, veggie alternatives, rolled them up and wrapped them in foil before placing on a wood fire. Yum!

By Jan, aka Skip.