Positions of Responsibility – (27/09/2021)

Posted: 27th September 2021

By Mr Taylor, Headmaster:

Congratulations to all pupils who have demonstrated the maturity and responsibility to take on a leadership position within the school.

The calibre of applicants for the role of Prefect was exceptionally high, making it an exceedingly difficult task to award the roles. Applicants wrote a letter outlining what skills they would bring to the role, and were interviewed by myself, Deputy Head Ms Corrigan, and Director of Studies Mr Dawes.

Holding a role of responsibility, whether that’s as a Prefect, Set Leader, Form Captain or any other role, is an especially important contribution to our school community, and I am proud of the commitment and dedication shown by our pupils.

Head Boy: Anton

Prefects: Freddie, Eesa, Edward, Asim, Dylan, Boris and Charlie (pictured above with Mr Taylor, Headmaster and Ms Corrigan, Deputy Head).

Set Leaders:
Beatty, Vincent
Haig, Lewis
Jellicoe, Boris
Kitchener, Toraab
Mountbatten, Max
Roberts, Steven

Form Captains:
A8H Sidak
A8S Maxim
A7I Scott
A7Y Frank
B6H Tim
B6S Barney
B5A Teddy
B5D Andrew
C4N Billy
C4P Johannes
C3F Peter
Year 2 Ephra
Year 1 Asher
Reception Daniil

Librarians: Thomas, Aleks
Art Assistant: Oscar
DT Assistant: Francis
Chapel Helpers: Ivey, Oliver
Sports Assistant: Ethan
Chess Assistant: Shrey