Outdoor Disco and Super Spidey Sense Smoothies

Posted: 22nd February 2022

Children’s Mental Health Week started on the 7th of February and finished on the 11th of February. Mental health is all about the feeling you have on the inside and not on the outside.

As most of the higher years are going to early teenage stages this brings along so much stress like exams, preps etc. Mental Health Week taught us all how to stay strong as a community, and how to handle stress that you face.

In Art, all years made beautiful flowers to show that we are one big community blossoming together. Our teachers always help us out with this as they make lessons enjoyable and interactive.

We had an epic outdoor disco. We had smoothies every break time.

We also learn that there are always pupils looking out for us at the higher end of the school, the Listeners. The Listeners are amazing people that will always listen to you when everything is too much. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved. If you ever have a problem they are always there for you.

Eesa, Year 8, Pupil Listener