Goodbye to Dawn, Our Retiring Bursar

Posted: 14th April 2022

Dawn has been at Lockers Park for 24 years and everyone owes her a huge thanks as without her expertise and dedication the school could certainly not have developed and progressed the way it has. She has project managed so many developments and seen the school though many improvements.

Dawn joined us in 1998 as a bookkeeper and her skills were obvious for all to see as she raised up to bursar. Dawn has worked with five Headmasters and all have been reliant on her knowledge and advice. She has guided us all in helping understand the financial aspects of the school but in recent years she has led Health & Safety in the school and completely changed the way it is viewed by all staff.

Dawn very much runs the school alongside the Head and all have benefited from her commitment. She always put Lockers Park first and somehow managed to find the finances for the school to constantly update its facilities. She has been part of the Senior Leadership Team and a driving force behind many of the initiatives that have been implemented in the school.

Dawn is one of the most resilient people I have had the pleasure to work alongside. She has a no nonsense approach which has allowed us all to make quick decisions when needed. Her guidance through the recent COVID-19 pandemic is a true testament to this quality and the superb way the school has coped is a direct result of her hard work.

When a member of staff elevates within an organisation they have to evolve and Dawn has done that tremendously. She is a kind and caring individual who listens to others and is always there to lend advice. She has shown support to all of us over the years and has found time for everyone. She has never been afraid to get her hands dirty and is probably more comfortable behind the scenes rather than centre stage. There are so many areas of the school that Dawn has helped in but I know she really enjoyed driving the tractor. Such a talented individual!

I doubt this will be the last we see of Dawn as we approach our 150 year anniversary. We wish Dawn a very happy retirement at the coast and look forward to hearing about her new adventures.

Mr Taylor, Headmaster


“Thank you Dawn,” is the first thought I had, as I started to write down my thoughts. Thank you for making sure we all got paid at the correct time, especially during the holidays. Thank you for sorting out our pensions and thank you for all the jobs we don’t know you do, that keep all the wheels in the school turning.

Dawn started at Lockers Park in 1998 as a bookkeeper, and worked her way up to become our bursar. A different century, different office, a COVID-free time and four headmasters ago. She has climbed the ranks and all but runs the school if it wasn’t for the Headmaster standing in her way. She has always put Lockers first and somehow managed to find the pennies in the back of the sofa to support all our needs; not an easy task with a school that is constantly being updated with new facilities.

Dawn has been part of the Senior Leadership Team and a driving force behind many of the initiatives that have been implemented in the school. Her trade mark fleece can be seen around the school buildings, in the shrubs and only her lack of ladder training has kept her off the roof. Her no nonsense approach is refreshing in a world where too much emphasis is put on a more fluffy approach; “If you are cold, put on a jumper, heating goes on after half-term”.  Mixed with this pragmatism is a kind and compassionate person who has helped and supported many of us through very difficult personal times. Many a tear has been shed in her office as she has worked out ways to support people and help them. You may not get a coffee and a biscuit but you walk away with so much more: good advice and a loyal colleague who makes sure that you will be ok.

Dawn, we will miss you! We wish you a very happy retirement visiting the coast and spending more time with family and friends. I hope that you will visit us, as you have plenty of colleagues at Lockers who have become good friends and look forward to hearing about your new adventures.

Mrs Edmunds, Head of Drama