Posted: 3rd April 2023









The final weeks of the Spring Term (2023) saw the culmination of many hours of hard work and preparation in the form of this year’s Senior Play, SMIKE. 

Described as a “Pop musical freely based on Charles Dickens’ Nicholas Nickleby”, SMIKE tells the story of a group of poorly treated schoolboys who are thrust into the past through a study of Dickens’ 1839 novel. 


From Diyon’s portrayal of the mean and uncaring Headmaster Squeers, to the gravelly tones of Thomas’ northern wench, Mrs Squeers, the audience were treated to an exceptional musical tour de force and we were extremely proud of all of the boys. 


There were laughs, there were tears and a fine selection of catchy tunes which we feel will be very much in our minds and on our lips for quite some time to come.  

Drama is an extremely important part of the curriculum at Lockers Park as it allows our boys to express themselves in ways that the core academic subjects simply cannot offer. 


Whilst the productions do of course take centre stage, it is the unseen elements, the “behind the scenes” activities which truly make a difference to the boys’ development. 


From the hard work of boys such as Shrey & Ayaan in the sound and lighting department to the exceptional organisation (and stealth) of individuals like Sam who ran the Stage Crew, drama caters for a wide range of skills and attributes and gives every boy their chance to shine and enjoy their time in the (often very literal) spotlight.


Huge congratulations to all of the cast and crew for a superb performance and we wait with baited breath to see what next year’s dramatic offering will be.