The Pokémon Boarding Event 

Posted: 18th May 2023

Boarding at Lockers Park is great fun with lots of activities laid on. This is what one of our pupils thought about a recent themed night.

I am telling you about the Pokémon boarding event at Lockers Park. 

Firstly, we needed to go to the old gym so that Mrs Newman could tell us what teams we were in. She also explained the aim of the game and some rules like only take one card from each base or no running. I was in a team with Awais, James, John & Archie. We needed to produce a team name, so we called ourselves The Baked Bean Boys. Mrs Newman told each team where to start, so my team made their way to the courtyard classroom. We collected mini-Pokémon figures which was worth 5 points along the way and then after we got our card from one base, we had to find another base to collect more cards. We did that until we found the last card and then we found Mrs Newman so we could tell her that we had finished. We still had some time left so we just wandered around looking for more mini-Pokémon. At the end we made our way to the dining room where are points were added up so we could see what place we came.

Unfortunately, we came 2nd, by 100 points but at least we still won a 3D puzzle! I had lots of fun and really enjoyed seeing everyone working so hard as a team. 

Overall, I loved it – thank you Mrs & Mr Newman for sorting this out for us.  By Alfie (Year 5)