Posted: 9th June 2023

Year 2 have just started a topic on “Allotments”. (Lockers Park has had an allotment for over 10 years but there are plans to move it closer to Little Lockers.) Mrs Miller had the very good idea of visiting some local allotments yo get some ideas and arranged to go to Chaulden Allotments where over 100 families have plots. The boys learnt that originally plots were large enough to feed a family of four for a year. They saw different crops growing and noticed how the soil varied from plot to plot. They were also told that most plot holders at Chaulden try to grow sensitively to wildlife and saw a number of ponds (often old baths) used to encourage frogs. They realised how important water was if crops were going to succeed. The visit ended with a tour of the site where the boys were able to see the wide variety of crops grown. They were surprised to see a chicken house on one plot. During the visit they also came across one of the most important things most plot holders have – a chair to sit on and watch the world go by.