Year 6 recently visited Hudnall Park Rivers Day at Great Gaddesden. 

Posted: 17th October 2023

We asked the boys all about the trip:

Where did you go? 

Luca: Hudnall Park and the river Gade.

What did you learn?

Luca: I learnt how an ox-bow lake is formed-from big meanders which erode the landscape then cut across to make a separate lake over years.

Johannes: How to identify living organisms from the river.

What were the highlights?

Ethan: My highlight was the velocity experiment which showed how fast the river flows in metres per second. Also upper, middle, and lower course of the river.

Oscar: When we went dipping in the river. I learnt about nymphs, fish, and different species living in the river. I loved using the magnifying glass to observe a microscopic snail.

What would you rate the trip out of 10? 

Max: Probably 11/10 because I really liked the quiz and the whole day.

Billy: 9/10. I enjoyed meeting the animals in the river.

Would you go back there? 

Alfie: I would go back to the river to find more animals.