Posted: 5th February 2019

Tracking – to some in education this only means tracking pupil progress. Of course, we do that at Lockers, but we also do the real thing – tracking animals in our grounds. I had hoped for some snow today, then we would have seen a myriad of tracks from all the animals that live in our grounds – though I probably wouldn’t have had many pupils! Instead the Pre Prep pupils had to use all of their senses. We spotted signs of earthworms – their casts on the ground. There were a few feathers and gnawed cones. We came across the remains of a sparrow hawk kill – a circle of feathers and wing bones. We also found some muntjac tracks in the mud and followed them into the shrubs. To round off our adventure , we spotted a red kite taking a very keen interest in some of our taller trees – hopefully, later in the year, we’ll have a nest.