Electrifying Science

Posted: 25th January 2019

There was no let up in the Science department this morning, class after class, all doing practical tasks. In the Senior Lab Mr Iqbal was teaching Year 6 about Light. The sun came out just in time to make the most of the coloured filters. In the Junior Lab Year 5 were making circuits, but not just circuits. They had to fit them into a room setting. Mrs Roberts set the pupils the challenge of getting them to light up the room, with a switch on the outside. For those of you who are eagle eyed you might have noticed that the circuits are not battery powered. We now use a power pack that can be turned to a safe voltage for pupils to use – a mini transformer. This means we have a safe and reliable power source and don’t have to worry about weak batteries. Two brilliant lessons – thank you Mr Iqbal and Mrs Roberts.