Academic Learning

Nurturing Lifelong Learners

We believe that all children can achieve academic success whilst enjoying a full and happy childhood. From the early stages of learning in Reception, we focus on building lifelong learners, offering a broad and exciting curriculum for the liveliest and most enquiring of minds.

Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes of 16 or fewer allow us to follow your child’s questioning, cultivating independent thinking. It also gives us the flexibility to teach core subjects to differentiated small groups.

Learning activities are varied and involve group work and working in pairs as well as individual study. Each child has one-to-one time with their teacher, for literacy and/or numeracy activities every day.

Specialist Teachers to Inspire Your Son

Breadth of curriculum is offered through access to the extensive facilities and specialist teachers at the Prep School. From Art and Drama through to Music and Languages, everything is designed to help for your son to uncover his talents and passions.

Preparing for Prep School

Every term informal reading, writing and maths assessments will be completed in class to ensure your son’s progress is fully monitored. By the time the boys are in Year 2, ready to transition into the main Prep School, they will be equipped with an unbeatable foundation and a thirst for learning more.

Maths and English Key Objectives

You can read our key objectives for Maths and English here:

Year 1 Maths Key Objectives

Year 2 Maths Key Objectives

Year 1 English Key Objectives

Year 2 English Key Objectives