Effort Grade Assembly

Posted: 31st January 2019

School is no different to ordinary day to day life. We all work best and feel happiest when we get praise. It doesn’t really matter what we do, but when someone recognises that we’ve done something well, and tells us, we feel better in ourselves. At Lockers Park we really try hard to praise our pupils. Not everyone finds academic work easy, so four times a term we give them effort grades so they can see how hard we think they have been working. Today, in assembly, Mr Taylor praised those pupils who had received their best effort grade and he also recognised those who had received the top effort grades in the school. Mr Wilson gave each of those recognised a certificate. As well as recognising effort the staff at Lockers Park are always on the look out for good behaviour. If we spot something the pupil gets a green slip or in the Pre Prep a green leaf. Once they get five of these they get a certificate. Very well done to George and Max who have both received five green slips this term and received their certificates this morning. Mr Wilson has some more that he will be giving to some of the Pre Prep children in their assembly.