Science Week – Fearless Freddie’s Fantastic Creatures

Posted: 14th March 2019

Science week is all about passion and this week we have been lucky to have guests who are passionate. Today we had some special guests – Freddie and some of his fantastic creatures. Freddie has been into animals for as long as I have known him. When others might want a Play Station for Christmas, Freddie prefers Leopard Geckos or Pacman (Horned) Frogs. Freddie spoke to our Pre Prep pupils and made a fantastic stand in for Mark Amey of Amey Zoo fame who had a last minute filming commitment. He introduced his animals to the pupils and spoke about their care. He was incredibly knowledgeable. He allowed the pupils to touch and handle some of his creatures and Mr Iqbal introduced them to Snakespeare, our corn snake and to our Madagascan Winged Stick Insects, one of whom decided to fly around the room. For many, the favourite animal was the Pacman frog, so named because it looks like Pacman from the early video games. This frog lives an interesting life – it lives in a hole covered in mud and every now and again pops up to swallow passing creatures. Very many thanks to Freddie for giving such an informative talk.