Celtic Harmony

Posted: 11th June 2019

Our Year 3 and Year 4 forms spent the last couple of days at Celtic Harmony. https://www.celticharmony.org/ Celtic Harmony provides a program of Prehistory Residential trips and Day trips covering Stone, Bronze and Iron Age Britain for schools and the local community, to promote a more sustainable way of life in harmony with the natural world. This was our first visit and we came away very impressed by both the facilities and the staff. Our first day was not ideal – a yellow weather warning from the Met Office  for rain and it certainly rained! Luckily the site has a number of round houses and with a little jiggling of the activities several were able to be moved inside. The pupils did a huge range of activities: making hazel hurdles, creating a shelter, hunting, preparing dock leaf soup, weaving, plaiting, orienteering, archery, soap knapping and more! While the torrential rain continued to fall they went to sleep in the round houses and they slept through the night. Unbelievably two thirds needed waking at 7:30 so they were not late to breakfast! Unheard of on the first night of a residential trip. The whole trip was a great success: many thanks to Mrs Forshaw for organising it and to Mrs Pizzey, Mr Doyle and Miss White for assisting and the staff at Celtic Harmony, especially James and Morgan. I think we’ll be back!