World War Two talk

Posted: 24th June 2019

This morning our Year 4s were very lucky to have a special visitor – Ethan & Oliver’s great grandma, Mrs Warland. Mrs Warland was talking to the boys about her experience during the second world war. On her second day of working in the House of Commons war was declared. For a sixteen year old this was a traumatic event – they all thought they were going to die. It was interesting listening to her feelings as the war progressed. They learnt to tell the difference between German and British bombers by the sound they made. She spoke about spending nights sleeping in the Underground and how anxious they all were. She also spoke of rationing and how they all coped. Rabbit was the main source of meat and was unrationed. After the war, with rationing still taking place, rabbit came off the menu as myxomatosis was introduced to control the rabbit population. Mrs Warland married a sailor at the end of the war and two of her houses were bombed. we all thought Mrs Warland was amazing and we are truly grateful for coming in and sharing her experiences.