Beatles Day 2020

Posted: 29th June 2020

The whole school celebrated Global Beatles Day on Friday, with teachers delivering  Beatles-themed work and activities for the children to enjoy. The children found out about the Fab Four’s history, where they played, what influence they had on pop culture, pop art, fashion, and – of course – music!

There was a constant stream of Beatles songs being sung around the classrooms and grounds and it was marvellous to hear the children so obviously enjoying themselves.

In the afternoon, we managed a fantastic, whole-school, socially distanced rendition of Hey Jude on the back pitch, choreographed and conducted by Mr John/Paul/George/Ringo Shaw, with backing music and vocals provided by Year 8 who had spent parts of the morning recording Hey Jude vocals and instrumentals on soundcloud – very 2020!

There were Beatles maths challenges, word searches, quizzes, pop art, album designs, a themed Chapel (thank you Mr John/Paul/George/Ringo Phillips), and much more besides. Fionan brought in photographs of a relative playing piano and drums with the Beatles AND sitting on McCartney’s knee, Carpool Karaoke with Sir Paul McCartney was very popular (look it up), and a parent even sent us photographs of Abbey Road that he took on Friday morning as he passed through the area (thank you Mr John/Paul/George/Ringo Naughton)!

A huge thank you to the amazing staff who created content and delivered sessions throughout the day: I may have pulled the strings, but they did all the work. What a fab place this is.

By Mr Erskine-Naylor