Lockers Park School Nurtures Holistic Learning: An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Dawes, Director of Studies

Posted: 11th January 2024

Lockers Park School, renowned for its commitment to holistic education, has been making waves in the educational landscape by incorporating a learner profile that goes beyond academics. In an exclusive interview with Mr. Dawes, the Director of Studies, we delve into the school’s unique approach aimed at shaping students into well-rounded individuals equipped with essential life attributes.

The school has identified and implemented six key learning attributes: Global Citizen, Collaborative, Resilient, Aspirational, Inquisitive, and Creative. From the early stages of reception, pupils are immersed in a learning environment that not only focuses on academic achievements but also cultivates these crucial life skills.

Mr. Dawes emphasised the significance of training teachers to seamlessly integrate these attributes into their teaching methodologies. “It’s about creating an atmosphere where pupils are not just passive recipients of information but actively engage in the learning process,” he explained. Lockers Park School has successfully made these attributes part of the common language across all grades, starting with reception.

The school employs a robust rewards and sanctions system to reinforce the development of these attributes. Students displaying exemplary qualities are acknowledged and rewarded within the class, fostering a positive and encouraging atmosphere. This approach aims to create opportunities for students to become more creative, collaborative, and critical thinkers.

“We’ve witnessed a transformative change in our pupils. They are not just excelling academically but are more articulate in expressing their thoughts and experiences. The learner profile has become a language that our students use not only within the school premises but also when facing interviews or discussing their achievements in a broader academic context,” shared Mr. Dawes.

Lockers Park School’s innovative approach prepares students not just for academic success but equips them with the skills necessary for navigating the challenges of the future. The emphasis on the learner profile ensures that students are not only well-prepared for senior school and university but are also equipped for their future endeavours, wherever they may lead. As the school continues to prioritise holistic learning, it stands as a beacon for institutions aiming to cultivate not just knowledgeable individuals but well-rounded, adaptable citizens of the world.