Draper Bursary

In honour of our first Headmaster Montague Draper who founded the school back in 1874, we have set up the Draper Bursary as part of our 150th Celebrations.  This sits alongside the other bursary initiative we have at Lockers Park.

The Draper Bursary will provide assistance for boys joining Lockers Park at any age.  It supports talented and deserving boys who have the most to gain from Lockers Park, and whose families could not otherwise consider a private prep school education.

Our aim is for the Draper Bursary to fund boys who will thrive at Lockers Park and prepare them for a suitable senior school from Year 9.

The Draper Bursary was launched at the inaugural 150th Alumni event on Friday 15th September 2023.  It is an important milestone in our school’s history as we look to ensure that the same high level of academic excellence is achieved over the next 150 years. Your support is crucial to its success.

The Draper Bursary commemorates Henry Montague Draper; having established Lockers Park as a foundation school preparing boys for public school, it was soon established as one of the top prep schools, sending boys on to Eton, Harrow and Winchester as well as Rugby and Haileybury. This is a tradition and honour we are proud to maintain.

Making a real difference

The Draper Bursary is funded entirely through voluntary donations and we rely on the generosity of our community to ensure the success of the fund. With your gift, more boys will benefit from being at Lockers Park.

We continue to offer our boys academic excellence and an enthusiasm for life by being purposefully small.  We allow our boys to flourish in an environment where they know they matter, and they grow up unafraid of challenging stereotypes, prepared to be radical in approaching change and maintaining traditional values.

Our old boys are an important part of Lockers Park; regularly attending events and inspiring our current students through their experience.


Your generosity makes a real difference to us retaining the magic of Lockers Park so that it is available for boys for another 150 years.

We welcome gifts of any size and every contribution is important. The easiest way to donate is by contacting our Bursar.  They will provide details of how to make a donation. Please note if you are UK taxpayer, you may potentially be able to make the donation via Gift Aid so that we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 that you donate back from the Government.

Contact the Bursary for making a gift: