Lockie Bear at Little Lockers

31st October 2023

See how Lockie Bear’s first visit to Lockers Park goes as he joins Little Lockers Reception class and finds out just what’s so magical about being a Lockers Boy.


19th October 2023

Year 1 were outdoors making miniature woodlands.  Having made their mini-wonderlands the boys then mapped them.

Gruffalo Crumble

19th October 2023

Oh no there’s a rumble… It must be the Gruffalo crumble The Year 1 boys created their own woodland recipes suitable for a Gruffalo recipe book.  They wrote out the…

Making a Difference

17th October 2023

In response to the increased number of casualties in Ukraine, one of our former teachers, Charles Moubray, has joined a crowd funding objective to raise £50,000 to purchase five vehicles…

Supporting Dens at Harvest Festival

17th October 2023

We are proud to be supporting Dens as our official charity.  We collected items for them as part of Harvest Festival celebrations.

Art Scholars

17th October 2023

Our art scholarship group trip was a day of two halves… masterpieces from European history at the National Gallery, followed by an eclectic street art exhibition in Camden. Our pupils were…

Science Insights with Year 6

17th October 2023

Year 6 Science are learning about distillation and were shown how to separate ink from water using a condenser. As the water boils at around 100 degrees, it evaporates, and…

The Collett School visits Lockers Park

17th October 2023

On Wednesday, 11th October, Lockers Park was visited by 58 pupils and 19 staff members from the Collett School. We had five activities on offer: chemical reactions with Mr Iqbal, golf with Mr…

Maths Week –

17th October 2023

1+1 = fun! Our 2023 Maths Week theme is mental calculations and estimation. The boys are exploring this in their Maths lessons in a number of different ways. There are…

Year 6 recently visited Hudnall Park Rivers Day at Great Gaddesden. 

17th October 2023

We asked the boys all about the trip: Where did you go?  Luca: Hudnall Park and the river Gade. What did you learn? Luca: I learnt how an ox-bow lake…